Get Involved

We define FUN as using your gifts and talents to worship God by serving others. There are many opportunities to have FUN and get involved in making a difference in someone else’s life. You can get involved and initiate the simple process by emailing Just let us know who you are and what area you would like more information on or what area you would like to get involved in. We will send your information on to the right person. Here are a few of the fun opportunities to serve. 




·         Children’s ministry check-in —Help families with a smooth transition when dropping off their children in our children’s program. Check-in / Check-out workers help families feel comfortable, welcome and safe dropping off thier children. Volunteers would help out once or twice a month - before and after the gathering. (1 ½ - 3 hours a month) 


·         Sunlight Nursery Worker (0-2) —Help the babies of WFC be loved and taken care of. Feeling God’s presence and love as a baby is important. Nursery workers make a BIG IMPACT on our little ones. Volunteer once or twice a month during the gathering. (3-6 hours a month) 


·         Sprouts Pre-School (3-5) —Help the toddlers of WFC know that are valuable and loved by God. Get to assist with craft, songs & lessons. Volunteer once or twice a month. (3-6 hours a month) 


·         Tree House Kids (grades K-6) —Help teach the older kids that God is alive and not boring and that going to church and learning about God is fun and worth it! You would assist with small groups, songs, interaction with the kids and/or teaching. Volunteer once or twice a month (3-6 hours a month)  


·         Children's ministry administration —There are numerous behind the scenes opportunities during the week. 




·         Roots Student Ministries —Work with Pastor Jessica in training and teaching teens God’s love, truth and grace. Through music, drama, games, and events these teens learn more who they are and who God is. Volunteer on Wednesday nights 7 - 8:30 PM.




·         Third Friday —Third Friday events are one of the major ways we connect with the unchurched in our community. We aren’t there to preach or stand on a soap box. We are there to love people, serve people and provide family friendly activities. You will get to have fun & meet hundreds of unchurched people. You can work with Pastor Jeremy and be a part of this frontline team.  (3 hours a month)


·         Week In Wyandotte —This is a week-long celebration of serving the community and training students to live a life of service. Cleaning parks, bathrooms, children’s events in the parks, meals on wheels, and a big grand finale - we serve all week long. Be a team leader in any of these areas as we host teens from all over the east coast & Midwest. There are plenty of behind the scenes and planning opportunities.




·         Sparkle Team —Excellence is one of our core values. We believe the church (which represents God) should do their best in every area. The Sparkle team may work behind the scenes but they are important to helping guests feel at home. Volunteer 1-3 times a month helping clean after gatherings and keeping the Box sparkling. 


·         Pavement Posse —Isn’t it great being greeted in the parking lot as you come to church. This group is the first contact with people as they arrive. Helping guests feel welcome and at ease is our goal. Volunteer once or twice a month to serve in this area. 


·         Greeters —Smiling faces at the front door as your arrive always seems to brighten the day. Greeters help welcome guests and pass out our weekly communicator to keep people up to date with info. Volunteer once or twice a month to serve in this area.


·         Ushers —Gatherings don’t run smoothly by chance. Ushers are key in helping many behind the scenes aspects of WFC run smooth - troubleshooting, preparing communion, distribution of things after the gathering and much more. Volunteer once or twice a month to serve in this area. 


·         Sound/Tech/Media —We love worship & media! We like to be creative in communicating the love and truth of Jesus. Whether it’s drama, song, video, lighting you can be a part. Volunteer once or twice a month to serve in this area. 


·         Worship Team —Leading others into the presence of God every week so they leave different then they walked in is our goal. If you can play an instrument or sing, we are developing our worship team! 




·         Follow Up —We want to pastor and love people well!! Be a part of the team who helps us make sure we are following up with people in need and being there in people’s lives. This team also helps get the word out to others through emails, postcards and mailings. 


·         Facilities Team—Meeting every Monday from 6:30 to 9:30 PM to organize and execute projects that update and repair our facility! For questions or details email us at


·         Children’s Ministry —Do you enjoy scheduling and planning? You can come alongside the children’s ministry leaders and help them continue to reach more children and empower more adults. 


·         Worship team — Do you enjoy scheduling and planning? You can come alongside the worship team leader and help him get more people involved and develop and grow the worship team 


To experiment and try a ministry out, simply email! You'll be glad you took that next step.